Annie’s Training Company offers exceptional learning solutions across a range of sectors, designed to engage learners at an organisational, team or individual level.

We support clients at every stage of the training cycle and employ our expertise to identify and implement the solutions that will help you transform the skills, knowledge and behaviours within your organisation.

Working with Annie’s Training Company guarantees you a bespoke, personalised and high quality service, whatever your learning requirements.


At Annie’s Training Company, we treat each learner as a unique individual and our values of inclusive, supportive, and participative are the foundations of any face-to-face training session. We also hope that learners will find our sessions engaging and fun!

Our training sessions use a variety of techniques to create a positive learning experience. These include practical activities, case studies, professional discussions, pair work, group work and individual reflection.

Using a range of innovative tools we will ensure learning has practical application, becomes embedded and generates positive change for your organisation.  

Annie’s Training Company also works with a range of Associates who support us delivering larger scale projects.